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Much like The Outer Limits, Anna controls everything you see and hear. She designed the lovely plum you're nibbling right now - the layout, the tables, the top graphics, everything. You've most likely seen her work online via Much Ado About Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Flights of Angel, just to name a few of her slayworthy sites. She cannot stop listening to "Under Your Spell."

Little Willow is our resident songbird, being a musical theatre gal herself. She hails from the Slayground and wants Tara's princess-esque dress... just possibly in purple hues. She has wanted the show to do a musical episode since the very beginning, and now she's beside herself with geeker joy. is the home of - you guessed it! - Paris Angel. She represents the Canadians here, those lucky folks who sometimes see the episodes hours if not days before everyone else.

"On behalf of my gender, hey!" Corey, rounds out the staff, contributing fanart and a male voice. We aren't sure if he is a tenor or a bass, but we know he likes bunnies and cheese.

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