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Best of TV 2001 from Time

1) David Letterman's post­ Sept. 11 return
2) HBO's Sunday night
3) Undeclared (Fox)
4) Conspiracy (HBO)
5) Alias (ABC)
6) Junkyard Wars (TLC)
7) Pasadena (Fox)
8) The Bernie Mac Show (Fox)
9) "Once More, with Feeling," Buffy the Vampire Slayer (UPN)
10) 24 (FOX)

The #9 writeup was:

You could apply the title of this audacious musical episode to the whole season of Buffy, which survived an acrimonious move from the WB to return smarter, funnier and dramatically richer than ever. Who'd have thought creator Joss Whedon (who taught himself piano to write the episode's surprisingly tuneful score, as well as the nimble lyrics) studied his Sondheim along with his sarcophagi?

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