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Buffy OK With Emmy from SciFiWire

A spokesman for the company that produces UPN's Buffy the Vampire Slayer told SCI FI Wire that creator Joss Whedon does not blame the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for an error that left the critically acclaimed series off a recent Emmy ballot. Last season's musical episode, "Once More With Feeling," was inadvertently left off ballots for nominations for the best dramatic writing Emmy, which were mailed to academy members; the academy acknowledged the mistake and subsequently sent out cards with the correct information.

"There was indeed a 'human error' that resulted in [the episode's] being omitted from the [best dramatic writing] ballots; however, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences was not to blame for the error, and they were quick to respond in rectifying the situation," Christopher Buchanan, president of Mutant Enemy, Whedon's production company, said in an e-mail. "Moreover, Joss and I were very pleased with the academy's response to the problem. Nothing's perfect."

Buchanan added, "Joss is an active member of the academy and continues to support the ATAS in its many endeavors. And the ATAS remains a real fan of Joss and his work. For example, the ATAS recently (at the very time of the ballot problem) honored Joss and BTVS with a very cool (and sold out) panel discussion at the academy, with Joss and many of the writers, cast and crew from the show in attendance. Our hope at Mutant Enemy is that the extraordinary response we received from the show's fans and television critics across the planet upon viewing 'OMWF' will be reflected in the balloting of Joss' peers in the writing category-even if it required an extraordinary effort on their part to cast that vote. We'll know on July 18th, when the nominees are announced. Keep your fingers crossed for us!"

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