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Something to Sing About (Little Willow's soundtrack review) *
Once More, with Feeling - Review (BBC) *
Once More, with Feeling - Trivia (BBC) *
The Rolling Stone Review (Rolling Stone - October 31st, 2002) *
'Buffy' Musical No Joke (The Daily Tar Heel - October 3rd, 2002) *
Buffy Sings (HippoPress - October 3rd, 2002)
OMwF CD Review (Colorado Daily - October 2002)
Emmy Gets With the Program (TV Guide - June 19th, 2002)
Fangs for the Memories (EW - August 23rd, 2002) *
Buffy OK With Emmy (SciFiWire - July 10th, 2002)
Once More, with Feeling (San Jose Mercury News - June 29th, 2002)
Oops! Emmys Kill Off 'Buffy' (New York Post - June 27th, 2002)
Curses! Emmy Bites Buffy Again! (TV Guide - June 26th, 2002)
All the season's best, and worst (USA Today - May 29th, 2002)
Tube Tops (EW)
Soundtrack info (Soundtrack Mag - January 2002)
Best of TV 2001 (Time - December 2001)
Hit... Buffy sings? That's entertainment! (Soap Opera Weekly - November 27th, 2001)
TV Guide Online Poll (TV Guide - November 22nd, 2001)
Buffy Reborn: Slayer is Full of Life-And Song (TV Guide - November 19th, 2001)
Play it Again, Buffy (TV Guide Online - November 13th, 2001)
Buffy Ratings Sing (SciFiWire - November 8th, 2001)
Once More, With Feeling (Zentertainment - November 8th, 2001)
Once More, With Feeling (SciFiIgn - November 8th, 2001)
Buffy's best episode ever (AllPop - November 7th, 2001)
The Hills are Alive (Salon - November 7th, 2001)
Once More, With Feeling (Cinescape - November 7th, 2001)
Go From Here (Zap2It - November 7th, 2001)
Joss Whedon gets the cast vamping (USA Today - November 6th, 2001)
Musical 'Buffy' will slay you (USA Today - November 6th, 2001)
Today's Picks (TV Guide Online - November 6th, 2001)
Singing "Buffy" Raises Stakes (NY Daily News - November 6th, 2001)
Buffy Discovers a Song in Her Heart (LA Times - November 6th, 2001)
Buffy Sings (Chicago Tribune - November 6th, 2001)
Singing 'Buffy' is a Sweeps Slayer (TeenHollywood - November 5th, 2001)
Cheers and Jeers (TV Guide - November 5th, 2001)
Buffy Musical Premiered (SciFiWire - November 5th, 2001)
Buffy Sings! (Deseret News - November 3rd, 2001)
Buffy Faces Music On UPN (SciFiWire - November 2nd, 2001)
Vamping it Up (EW - November 2nd, 2001)
Buffy's One-Time Only Musical Offer (Zap2It - November 1st, 2001)

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