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  • Finally a script for the episode!
    "Once More, With Feeling: The Musical Scriptbook" is now available for purchase!
    Publisher: Pocket Pulse (Simon Pulse / Simon & Schuster)
    Click the image below to order the book from!

  • Soundtrack released!
    The soundtrack for "Once More, with Feeling" was finally released on September 24th, 2002 by Rounder Records. There are 19 tracks from the musical (they include all the songs), as well as 3 bonus Christopher Beck score selections, and a demo of "Something to Sing About" featuring Joss Whedon singing the part of Spike and his wife, Kai Cole, singing Buffy's role.

    There's also three pages of liner notes by Joss, which starts off with "It's Shakespeare's fault. The rat bastard." and gets even funnier and more interesting from there.

    The booklet inside the case also includes artwork created for the poster promoting the musical. You can see scans of those, as well as the covers and song list, right over here.

    If you like the musical, please pick up a copy of the soundtrack, even if you already have the mp3s. The sound quality is much better, and the CD is a blast all around.

  • Musical CD Signing held at Tower Records
    A signing of the OMwF CD soundtrack was held at Tower Records in L.A. on September 28, 2002. Joss Whedon, Amber Benson, and Michelle Trachtenberg were present at the event. You can see mini-photos from that here, but WireImage doesn't allow you to view the full size photos without a paid account.

  • Snubbed by the Emmys
    Emmy Nominations were announced July 18th, and the only nomination for "Once More, with Feeling" was in the category of Best Music Direction. Christophe Beck and Jesse Tobias are up for this award. Good luck to them! For more info on the Emmy nods, check out the Press area.

  • Dubbed in France
    Thanks to Joey for this bit of news. The musical just aired in France recently and instead of using subtitles for the episode, Fox France chose to dub the entire episode - including the singing. Not only were the singers off key and unprepared, but the translation of the songs into French was poorly done.

  • Special DVD released!
    Fox and UPN released a promotional DVD of "Once More, With Feeling" with an issue of Daily Variety on Tuesday, May 28th. The DVD was intended for voting members of the academy in order to publicize the episode and hopefully obtain some nominations for it. Below are scans of the DVD and inserts included with it.


    If you're hoping to get a copy of the DVD, don't expect it to come easily. You can order a copy of the magazine from the Daily Variety back issue office, but it doesn't include the DVD. Your best bet at obtaining the DVD is to bid on, but be warned that the prices are EXTREMELY high! As of yet, there are no plans to release a DVD or VHS of the episode to the general public.

  • Sheet music at high prices
    In fall 2001, FOX held Auctions for America on eBay. Joss signed some unproofed sheet music from OMWF which went for $7100.

  • Yearbook mentions
    In June 2002, yearbooks were distributed across the USA. Sometimes schools hand out full color inserts to add to the yearbook, or they are actually bound directly within the back of the yearbook. They recap the year's history, politics, sports, music, television, movies, trends, fashion, and so forth. One such publication honored OMWF. On the television page, a promotional image of Emma Caulfield as Anya belting out the "bunnies" portion of "I've Got a Theory" was featured. The one-paragraph caption said something to the effect of, "Popular WB show Buffy the Vampire Slayer wowed fans and critics alike when they presented an all-musical episode." Though they wrote WB instead of UPN, we forgive them.

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