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Just one song (Under Your Spell) for now... thanks to Benjamin! If you have anything to contribute, please send it along! We'd appreciate it.

Under Your Spell (mkII)

D                  A
I lived my life in shadow
C#m                                       G
Never had sun on my face
D                                A
It didn't seem so sad though
C#m                                       G
I figured that was my place

Gmaj7                           A
Now I'm bathed in light
Gmaj7                      A
Something just isn't right

Bm   D              A
I'm under your spell
A                              Em
How else could it be
Em                          C
Anyone would notice me
Bm           D        A
It's magic I can tell
A                                Em
How you set me free
Em                              C
Brought me out so easily

D                   A
I saw a world enchanted
C#m                                     G
Spirits and charms in the air
D                       A
I always took for granted
C#m                             G
I was the only one there

Gmaj7                          A
But your power shone
Gmaj7                                     A
Brighter than any I've known

Bm          D                 A
I'm under your spell
A                                    Em
Nothing I can do
Em                                      C
You just took my soul with you
Bm                                            D                     A
You worked your charm so well
A                   Em
Finally I knew
Em                            C
Everything I dreamed was true
B                                     F#          C#m            G#m        B
You make me believe

F#          C#m           E           B         D

Gmaj7                     A
The moon to the tide
Gmaj7       A
I can feel you inside

(rpt. chords)

I'm under your spell
Surging like the sea
Flow to you so helplessly
I break with every swell
Lost in ecstasy
Spread beneath my willow tree
You make me complete

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